**LMS DANES**                    


    We certify that the puppy is eligible for registration under the regulations of the American Kennel Club as a purebred Great Dane, and that we provided the proper forms for such a registration at the time of full payment.


    We guarantee hip and elbow health of the puppy for 12 months from its date of birth. The dog must not have been bred or sired a litter for the warrantee to be effective. It is understood that Hip and Elbow Dysplasia can be caused by poor nutrition or injury and that the puppy is guaranteed to the extent of GENECTIC Hip and Elbow Dysplasia only. In the event of genetic dysplasia that requires euthanization of the dog before the age of 12 months, we agree to replace it with a puppy of the same quality, (NO MONEY REFUNDED) upon receiving an official statement of the diagnosis by your veterinarian. Therefore, it is vital that the puppy owner understand proper nutrition for the dog so as not to induce joint problems by either lack of nutrients or causing overweight conditions in the developing dog.


  Your new puppy is sold as pet quality only with no guarantees regarding color, shade and/or size. No promises are given that he/she will qualify as a breeder, or a show dog. We guarantee the good health of your puppy at the time you receive it. , If there are any hereditary or genetic health problems in the first year, the puppy will be replaced free of charge, (NO MONEY REFUNDED) when an autopsy report from your veterinarian is presented. Parasite treatment is excluded from the warranty. Parasites are common in animals (especially young animals). All guarantees apply only to the original buyer and are non-transferable. LMS Danes will NOT be responsible for any veterinary charges. LMS Danes has the right to have the puppy returned to us for veterinary inspection before replacement.There is no guarantee that the purchaser will be able to show or breed the pet.


   Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with, we will not guarantee their health unless they are given NuVet Plus for 12 months using NuVet Labs’ recommended dosage. This nutritional supplement is only available through breeders recommendation. NuVet Labs sends us a monthly report on which LMS Danes puppies are being supplemented with NuVet Plus Canine. All health guarantees will be considered null and void if your pet is not kept on this supplement.

**YEARLY PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED: FEEL FREE TO SEND CURRENT ONES FOR THE WEBPAGE: Your photos sent will be allowing us permission to post on to the webpage.**

**I have read and understood the above contract, and agree to this document, I also agree that my puppy was in good health at the time I received him/her. Therefore I sign in agreement to the transfer of ownership of this puppy to myself.** 


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