If you are a past puppy buyer from LMS Danes we would love to see your                     updated pictures!!!                           


Hi My name is Zoe! I was flown to my new parents when I was 12 weeks old. They lived in Breckenridge, CO and boy! did I hate the cold. They bought me a warm sweater. They love me! I have a brother and Sister. Kasha and Nutter. They are Yorkshire Terriers. They are bossy, but I love them anyway. I am now a year and 1 month old. I weight 130lbs. I am proud to be an LMS Dane. I am beautiful, friendly and very smart. I can get my own ice from the ice maker!  

Back in February we picked up Ella and it’s an experience we’ll never forget. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, you could tell right away that these dogs are not dollar signs to them, they genuinely love and care about them, the environment they’re in and the attention they get is remarkable, the statement "QUALITY NOT QUANTITY" that you see on their website’s home page is not just a statement, it’s a fact. Their primary concern is that the puppies are in a good home where they will receive plenty of love and attention. Ella has been such a dream, not only is she beautiful but she’s so sweet, outgoing and friendly that we don’t consider her a pet at all; she’s part of our family. In fact, we love her so much that we wanted her to have a playmate, so on October 30th we went and picked up a buddy for Ella to play with. We named him Lester so we will always be reminded of the wonderful LMS Danes family. He is just as sweet, beautiful and loving as Ella and my entire family is looking forward to the many years of happiness we’re going to share with Ella and Lester. God bless you Lester & family and Sharon your Danes are beyond compare.


​"We knew that we wanted a Dane for many years, however finding a reputable breeder was somewhat of a challenge.  Unfortunately, the market is flooded with people who let their dogs reproduce and award themselves the title of breeder.  This is not the case with Lester.  He cares about his dogs and is very knowledgeable about the breed and the pups his dogs sire.  The hips and elbows of parent dogs are OFA certified and their thyroid levels are checked.  The pups come vaccinated and wormed and have a final vet check before they leave home.  Lester even takes the time to do ENS training with his pups.  These are all very big deals.  All of these things, coupled with the fact that Lester is the most responsive man on the planet  should make you look no further. He takes time to communicate with you and sends you weekly videos and pics of your pup.  When we're ready for our next pup, we're going with Lester again.  Rocco is now 10 weeks old.  He is healthy, sweet, charming and our son's best friend.  It was such a pleasure to work with Lester.  We are grateful for the amazing experience and the addition to our family.










​After emailing Lester back and forth for a few hours we made the choice to drive from Kokomo Indiana and look at his puppies. When arriving we were greeted by a very respectful and welcoming family. We then went to the facility where the pups were kept, it was VERY VERY clean with ample amount of room for them to roam around in. We fell in love instantly with Callie (Sophie). Signed all the papers and took Callie with us back to Kokomo. We have not had a single problem with Callie and she is very well behaved and very sweet. Would certainly buy another Dane from Lester!

Jazzmyn has been a wonderful addition to our family. After a lot of research, we decided to buy from LMS Danes. We flew her in from Indiana to Baton Rouge, LA. She turned a year old on October 8th and has been healthy since day one. She has a great temperament and loves people and other animals. She is the typical goofy, clumsy, loving Dane and we wouldn't trade her for the world!

Edmund is doing great. He has such a wonderful personality and is growing up to be a magnificent dog. He's about 85 pounds at 5 months right now and my vet has said he's one of the most correct great Danes she's seen in a while. He's in great health and turning into a very handsome boy! His favorite game is fetch and playing with a friend's dachshund puppies (I think he thinks he's their size). He's also a jumper! Loves to bounce. His favorite toys have been an old running shoe and a flip flop. He's one of the most friendly dogs I've ever had and says hi to everyone we pass on walks, people and dogs included. Living in downtown Indy, that's a lot of saying hi!



​​​​After talking to Lester a few times over the phone and having all my questions answered, my husband and i drove to Indiana to see the pups and their parents. Both the parents were very friendly and it took us awhile to pick out the perfect puppy for our family. Lester and his daughter were very helpful and professional; we signed all our paperwork and headed home with our new happy- go- lucky beautiful, healthy baby Dane!





Hi, I'm Kali Kay.  I arrived on October 8, 2014 at LMS Danes.  I was named Lana as a newborn.  While at LMS Danes I received lots of attention.  I had all my shots so I could grow up to be the beautiful girl I am.  Today my new home gives me the same attention, lots of love and care.  I have my own bedroom with lots of toys and a large pillow.  My vet says I'm a beautiful girl and so do my neighbors.   Thank you LMS Danes.

LMS Danes were a pleasure to work with.  They had great communication during our process and we thought everything was very professional.  Our puppy has been a fantastic dog since the day she came home! I know that LMS focuses on temperament when the pups are young and Lola is a sweetheart with kids and adults.  I would highly recommend LMS and there team.






 This is Marlowe my almost 6 month old Harlequin Great Dane. I picked him up at 8 weeks of age at LMS Danes breeding facility. It was a wonderful experience to meet Lester and Sharon and all their beautiful Danes. Their kennel was immaculate and all the dogs were healthy, happy and so sweet. Marlowe is the sweetest, happiest puppy I've ever had. Did I mention he's huge!!! He's at 140lbs at 6 months!! My vet says he is the healthiest, happiest Great Dane he ever saw. Its apparent how much love and work Lester and Sharon put into raising this one of a kind dogs. My experience with them was delightful and I couldn't be happier with my baby!!! Thank you so much LMS Danes!!